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Happy New Year’s Eve!

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Everyone at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning wants to wish you a very happy New Years! We hope you have a fun (and safe!) time saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming in the new.

If you are a person who makes resolutions, why not try to make your home more environmentally-friendly next year? Upgrading your heating and air conditioning system can reduce the amount of energy you need to keep your home comfortable. You can also save energy by adding insulation and sealing any air leaks. A greener home is not only better for the environment, but it also saves you money by reducing your utility bills. Call Westland Heating and Air Conditioning to learn more about the benefits of upgrading your HVAC system.

Have a great New Year’s Eve!

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Happy Holidays from Westland Heating and Air Conditioning!

Monday, December 24th, 2012

Everyone at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning wishes you a very happy holiday! We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful customers who make our business possible. We look forward to working with you in the future. Have a wonderful celebration, and enjoy this time with friends and family!

And a quick reminder, if you haven’t yet scheduled a maintenance visit for your heating system, you could be losing money. Annual maintenance will not only cut down on repair costs, but it also ensures that your system is running as efficiently as possible, which lowers utility bills. A comfortable, efficient home is a gift that everyone can appreciate.

Happy Holidays from Westland Heating and Air Conditioning!

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Westlake Heating Question: What is a Heat Exchanger?

Monday, December 17th, 2012

All home comfort system installations should be handled by qualified professionals, as should any necessary maintenance and repair services. But every homeowner can benefit by having a basic understanding of some of the components that make up their heating and air conditioning systems. At Westland Heating and Air Conditioning, we like to keep our clients well informed. Here is some information about heat exchangers for you to review.

A heat exchanger is basically a device that allows for the transfer of heat from one liquid to another. You can find heat exchangers in your heaters, air conditioners, refrigeration equipment and even in your refrigerator. These devices may use water, steam or refrigerant as the heat exchange fluid. There are many different types of heat exchangers, but they all perform a very similar function of heat transfer between two liquid sources.

Take, for example, the operation of an air conditioner. The liquid refrigerant in the outdoor unit is sent through the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil absorbs heat from the surrounding air, and this turns the liquid into a gas. The gas absorbs heat from the air as it is pulled through the system, leaving behind cooled air. During heating the process is reversed, and heat from the gas is simply put into the air being dispersed throughout your home.

We hope that this information has given you some idea about how the heat exchanger that you depend on for your comfort and convenience works. If you have any further questions about the operation of your heat exchanger, contact the experts at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning. We are always happy to help our customers in Westlake, OH better understand how their heating and air conditioning systems work.

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Avon Heating Tip: 3 Common Boiler Problems

Monday, December 10th, 2012

If you think you may need a Avon heating repair for your boiler, it’s good to know some of the more common problems that can arise. Here at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning, we’ve listed three of the more common boiler problems, the causes, and what to do about them.

No Power

If your boiler has shut down, first check the emergency fuel switch. Sometimes this can get tuned of accidentally, or maybe it wasn’t turned back on after a service. Next, check the controls and pressure gauge to ensure that both are on the correct settings. Consult your owner’s manual if you aren’t sure how to check these. Lastly, check the fuse box for a blown fuse. Call a repair technician if none of these tips work.

Faulty Thermostat

Once you have checked to make sure you have power and that there are no blown fuses are blown, check your thermostat to ensure that it is on the right settings. If that checks out, turn it up a few degrees to see if it just needed to be turned up a little. If that doesn’t work, call a technician. You could have a faulty thermostat or a larger issue.

Clogged Pipes

Every boiler system has a series of pipes that run from your boiler unit to the hydronic radiant system, whether you heat with baseboards or radiant flooring. When there’s a clog, your boiler may not be providing an adequate amount of heat, or no heat all. This could be caused from sediment that hasn’t been flushed, and a technician will need to remedy the situation.

Call Westland Heating and Air Conditioning for all your Avon heating repair needs. We repair all makes and models of boilers throughout the service area, so call us any time for quality repair service!

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3 Things That Will Eventually Happen To Your Water Heater: A Rocky River, OH Water Heater Guide

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

You may not realize it, but you use the hot water in your Rocky River, OH home probably every single day. Whether it’s to take a shower, wash your dishes or wash your clothes, your water heater is a busy appliance. With such an important job, it’s always very inconvenient when it starts to break. At Westland Heating and Air Conditioning we’ve responded to tons of calls for repairs on water heaters. We wanted to help out our customers in the  Rocky River, OH area so we put together 3 of the most common repairs that will most likely happen to your water heater at some point.


Inside your water there is something called an anode rod, also called a sacrificial rod. This metal stick exists to keep rust from forming inside your water heater. It does this by absorbing tiny electrical currents that cause rust to form. But eventually, the sacrificial rod deteriorates. At that point, the inside of your water heater will begin to rust. You’ll start to notice rust-colored water coming out of your hot water faucets. Once that starts to happen, there is rarely any other option except to replace your water heater.


If you have hard water in your area, this can cause mineral deposits and sediment to build up on the bottom of your water heater. Eventually, this can keep the heat from the burner from actually reaching the water. This can cause low water temperatures and luke-warm showers.

Water Leaks

Water leaks are another common problem with water heaters. Leaks can happen on the tank itself or with one of the pipe fittings that connect into the water heater. Corrosion from rust or minerals can cause the water heater to leak and the pipes to come a little loose.

If you’re having any water heater issues at your home in Rocky River, OH, contact the experts at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning. We offer fast and reliable water heater repair services throughout the Rocky River, OH area. Call us today!

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