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Happy Memorial Day!

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Memorial Day, which is observed on the final Monday of May every year, is an opportunity to honor and commemorate those military personnel who have fallen while serving their country. The day began in the aftermath of the American Civil War, when the country was damaged and in need of remembrance. Originally called Decoration Day, owing to the flowers that would decorate gravesites, its principal purpose has been to mourn those who have died during service; but it’s also a time to come together as a country and take stock of the way that our soldiers have shaped this country.

There is a national moment of silence and various events throughout the day. You may see volunteers putting flags up at your local cemetery or flowers decorating war memorials. It’s also a reprieve from our work schedule that should be enjoyed in tandem with remembrance. We wish you all the best this Memorial Day.

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Why Replace Your Air Conditioning System?

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Are you satisfied with the way your AC operates? Do you feel that it meets your comfort needs during the cooling season? If you have any doubts about your AC, now is the time to express them. There are numerous reasons why replacing your air conditioning system may make more sense than continuing to pay for more repairs. In today’s post, we’d like to explore the issue in more detail so that you can make an informed decision. The most important aspect of AC replacement is finding a qualified technician to perform the work. For superior Westlake, OH air conditioning replacement, call Westland Heating and Air Conditioning today!

Here are some reasons why replacement may be better than repair:

  • Old age. Your AC won’t last forever. If your AC is old, you should probably be thinking about replacement soon anyway. Over time, your AC endures significant wear and tear to its compressor, coils, and electrical components, all of which are subject to dirt, dust, and debris as well as any physical damage. Talk to your local professional about what you should do about your old AC.
  • Frequent repairs. Are you tired of paying to repair your AC? Whatever the problem is, there may come a point when enough is enough. It may in fact may make more sense to replace it than to continue propping up an old and obsolete system. Today’s new systems are highly energy efficient and often boast performance features that models even 10 years old can’t match.
  • Energy efficiency. Even if your AC still technically works, it may be leading to high energy costs every month. We know how high these can be during the summer, and while we can’t control the cost of energy, we can control how we use it. A new AC will have a SEER rating that’s likely much higher than your existing AC, and the HVAC technology has come a long way in the last decade.

There is a wide variety of systems to choose from if you’re in the market for a Westlake, OH air conditioning replacement. We work with Trane central air, Mitsubishi ductless, and heat pump systems. Give Westland Heating and Air Conditioning a call today for comprehensive cooling services.

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How Does a Geothermal System Cool My Home?

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

If you are interested in a more efficient, environmentally friendly way to coo your home, contact the Avon, OH geothermal cooling professionals at Westland Heating & Air conditioning today. We can help you decide if a geothermal cooling system is a good fit for your home. There is no reason that you cannot save energy while cooling your home without sacrificing your comfort in the process. With the professional installation of a high-quality geothermal system you can cool your home with greater efficiency than ever before while still enjoying a great cooling performance. Call now for more information.

Traditional cooling systems rely on the consumption of energy in order to cool your home. A geothermal cooling system, though, is anything but traditional. Buy utilizing the heat transfer principle, a geothermal cooling system is able to cool your home while using just a small amount of electricity in the process.

By using a heat pump, a geothermal cooling system is able to absorb heat from the ground, compress it and use it to heat your home. During the summer months, the process is simply reversed with the flip of a switch. This makes a geothermal system a great option for year round comfort.

A geothermal cooling system requires a geothermal loop system to be buried on your property. This loop system contains a refrigerant that is circulated throughout it, and this liquid is used as the heat transfer fluid. During the summer, heat is removed from your home and supplanted to the ground, leaving you cool and comfortable.

Geothermal cooling systems are actually more reliable than other heat pump options, such as air source heat pumps. This is due to the fact that temperatures beneath the ground are generally much more stable than those of the air. This means that you do not need to worry about how your geothermal system will function should the weather fluctuate. The constancy of the temperature underground allows it to work with great consistency.

To learn more about how a geothermal heat pump works, contact Westland Heating & Air Conditioning today. We are happy to handle any Avon, OH geothermal cooling services you may need. Call now for more information.

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Why Change Your AC Air Filter Regularly?

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

When it comes to having your air conditioning serviced, it is important that you contact a skilled, qualified professional. For Westlake, OH air conditioning repair, that is as simple as calling the technicians at Westland Heating & Air Conditioning.  We can handle any air conditioning repair service that you may need completed. Of course, there are a few things that you can do to help minimize your air conditioning repair needs. One of the simplest and most effective ways to do so is to change your air conditioning air filter regularly. Consider this information about the importance of doing so.

The air filter in your air conditioning system is not really intended to improve indoor air quality in your home. Rather, its primary function is to protect the condition of your air conditioning system. As your air conditioner operates, it pulls in air through registers in order to cool it. In doing so, airborne pollutants often also find their way into your air conditioning system. These pollutants can then accumulate on different components of your air conditioning system, such as electrical contacts, evaporator coils and so on. When these components are dirty, they may not operate as intended, which in turn puts the operation of your air conditioner, as well as your comfort, at risk.

The harder your air conditioning system must work, the more energy it will need to use in order to cool your home. This means that if your air filter is very dirty and clogged up, the extra effort that it takes to force air through that air filter can actually wind up making it more expensive to operate your home cooling system. Changing your air filter regularly helps to keep your air conditioner operating as efficiently as possible. Plus, the less strain that you put on your air conditioning system, the less likely it is to suffer excessive wear and tear which can lead to serious damages.

For more information about the many benefits of changing your AC air filter regularly, contact the professional Westlake, OH air conditioning repair technicians at Westland Heating & Air Condition. We have the information you need to care for your air conditioner properly. Call today to get started.

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