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How Does a Dehumidifier Work?

Friday, August 30th, 2013

While maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home is an important priority, it is not the only step you must take to ensure that your home is as comfortable as it can be. The relative humidity in your home also plays a major role in the overall comfort therein. If you notice that your air is hot and heavy, or if you see signs of moisture or condensation around the house, high humidity levels are likely to blame. A portable dehumidifier is not enough to provide a whole-house solution to your problem.

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A whole-house dehumidifier does not simply sit on a desk and reduce humidity in the room it resides in. Instead, it is installed directly into the HVAC system you use to keep your home comfortable. As part of the cooling process, your air conditioner actually dehumidifies air to a certain degree. This is not its primary function, though, and cannot be expected to work as an effective dehumidifier. A whole-house dehumidifier uses the same return ducts that your HVAC does. Air from throughout your home is pulled in, and excess moisture is removed before the air is recirculated to the different areas of your house.

Warm, humid air is drawn over cool coils within the dehumidifier. This causes the moisture in the air to form condensation, which will then drip into a collection pan. This condensation is drained away, and the dry air left behind is redistributed throughout the house. A great feature of whole-house dehumidifiers, despite their comprehensive performance levels, is that they can be operated in conjunction with your air conditioning system or on their own. This means that on milder days you do not have to run your AC just to dehumidify air.

To learn more about the way in which a whole-house dehumidifier operates, call Westland Heating and Air Conditioning.

We want to help you understand the various ways in which you can make your home a more comfortable living environment. Direct any questions you may have towards one of our Fairview Park dehumidifier technicians.

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Why Install a Humidifier?

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

There are various good reasons to consider installing a humidifier in your home. You may have excessively dry air, which can lead to dry skin, cracks in your wooden furniture, and a slower recovery time from illness.If you own a forced-air distribution system, then your home may be particularly prone to such indoor air quality issues because heating or cooling the air in a closed home without adequate ventilation may actually make your indoor air uncomfortable and stuffy. If you’re considering an indoor air quality upgrade, such as a humidifier, then consider calling the Westlake humidifier experts at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning. Our technicians can make sure that your new device operates smoothly.

There are various types of humidifiers available for installation in your home, but to truly make a difference in your home’s indoor air quality, you need a whole-house model. Such devices integrate directly into your existing HVAC system, often near the air handler. They work by pushing air through a water panel that adds vapor to the air, thus humidifying what was once dry air. A sensor within the unit detects the amount of relative humidity in your air, and allows you to control the humidity according to your preferences.

Reasons why you might consider installing a humidifer in your Westlake home:

  • Dry skin. Indoor air quality is all about comfort. If you want to make sure that your home is as comfortable as possible, then you need to make sure you can control the humidity. Dry skin can be an indication of low humidity, and there’s not enough moisturizer in the world that can change the humidity of the air.
  • Nosebleeds. In very dry conditions, you may develop nosebleeds in response to dry air. While this is rare, a humidifier can help with this and other issues.
  • Cracking furniture, moldings, or paint. Such materials depend for their integrity on a certain level of humidity in the air. Low levels can lead to damage in the long-term.

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What Is the Most Common Cause of Air Conditioning Problems?

Monday, August 19th, 2013

All homeowners appreciate great value, but an air conditioning system is something you really cannot afford to skimp on. If you purchase a subpar air conditioning system, you are going to get a subpar cooling performance. Of course, even the best air conditioning systems on the market are susceptible to occasional operational problems. There is no way that you can possibly hope to completely eliminate the risk of damages to your air conditioner. There are certain steps, though, that can help you avoid such problems as much as possible. The Bay Village, OH air conditioning experts at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning have some simple tips that can help you avoid problems with your air conditioning system.

There are a lot of different reasons that your air conditioner may encounter performance issues, but none are quite as pervasive as a lack of proper maintenance. By simply contacting a professional air conditioning maintenance technician to perform preventative AC maintenance, you can enjoy the most effective, reliable performance that your air conditioning system has to offer.

As your air conditioner operates throughout the heating season, it inevitably accumulates some general wear and tear. Lubrication is depleted, connections loosen up, air filters become blocked and so on. There is no reason that these common, unavoidable issues should lead to serious problems with your air conditioner. However, without routine maintenance service, that is exactly what you can expect to happen.

During routine air conditioning maintenance, your AC technician will thoroughly inspect and evaluate your entire system and all of its components. This not only allows your technician to tune-up your whole system, but also to discover any minor or developing problems with your system while they are still early in development. That means that they can be resolved before putting your comfort, and the conditioning of your air conditioning system, in jeopardy.

To learn more about what you can do to prevent problems with your air conditioning system, call the Bay Village, OH air conditioning technicians at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Let us help you keep cool with the consistency and reliability you deserve.

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How Can I Use My AC to Clean My Air?

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Here in Westlake, OH, air conditioning systems make the heat of summer a much less daunting issue. When properly maintained, a good AC unit can provide years of cool, comfortable indoor climates, giving you something nice to come home to when the mercury starts to rise. But beyond the cool air, your AC system can provide additional benefits that you might not have considered.

For instance, your air conditioner can help improve indoor air quality, lowering the amount of dust and other pollutants inside your home. While an air conditioning unit alone won’t address serious indoor air quality issues (they exist primarily to cool the air), they can make a difference, especially when used alongside de-humidifiers, UV light filters and similar appliances that more directly address the presence of dust and allergens in your air.

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Air conditioning units contain air filters designed to keep dust and other contaminants out of the system’s internal workings. But they also work to clean the air in general, and can prove very useful in keeping allergens and other irritants from building up in your air. The type of air filter you use and the method by which you use it can go a long way towards improving your indoor air quality. Specifically:

  • Pleated filters contain a larger surface and thus are able to capture a greater percentage of contaminants than flat filters lacking pleats.
  • Electrostatic filters work by charging dust particles, then trapping them in the filter like a magnet. They work extremely well – filtering up to 95% or airborne particles – and can be cleaned and replaced instead of being thrown away like other air filters. The downside is that they tend to cost more than disposable filter, and some models can make noise when they work.

Regardless of which filter you use, consider circulating air through it constantly. Even if you’re not actively cooling the air, turn the fan on. The more air you circulate through the filter, the more particles get caught and the cleaner your indoor air will be. For questions about your air conditioning system, and for all your maintenance and installation needs, call on Westland Heating and Air Conditioning.

Our trained AC technicians can handle your issue, and we serve clients throughout the Westlake, OH area.

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