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Serving the Northern Ohio Region


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How to Make the Best Use of a Ductless AC System

If you’ve just had a new ductless mini-split air conditioner installed, congratulations! With summer on the rampage here in Rocky River, OH, it can make a huge difference in your monthly cooling bills. The same holds true if you have an existing ductless system, of course, though only if you use it the right way, with an eye on enhancing your savings without being charged an arm and a leg in the process. Ductless systems let you do that very easily. You just need to know the right way to do it. 

Know Which Parts of the Home You Occupy During the Day

The benefits of a ductless system lie mainly in the fact that you can run the air conditioner in spaces you’re occupying while leaving it turned off in parts of the home you aren’t. It helps to have a good idea of which locations are which and plan your day accordingly. Generally speaking, you want to leave the system off in any part of the home you’re not using for the whole day, rather than turn the air on in that section in the middle of the day and wasting energy trying to get it to cool down. Instead, plan to spend as little time as possible in those parts of the home, and plan your activity earlier in the morning, when it’s cooler and you won’t have need of the system.

Check Each Section Periodically

Family members may turn on the air in a room that isn’t being used, then leave it on when they leave. Some systems have a master control panel, letting you check the status of all the units at a glance and turn off those that are running in areas that no one is occupying. Otherwise, you can conduct a quick survey of the house a few times a day to make sure the air is only running where you need it to.

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