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Serving the Northern Ohio Region


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Is Your AC Capacitor Wearing Out?

Avon, OH is reaching the end of another long, hot summer, and hopefully, your household air conditioner has come through it with no problems or concerns. Now, however, is the right time to pay close attention to your system. All that use over the past few months may have really punished older or more worn components, causing them to breakdown with just a few more weeks of hot weather to go. The capacitors, in particular, are cause for concern, since they are vital to the basic functions of the air conditioner itself. They’re built to last, but they also shoulder a heavy load through the summer, and when they start to fail, you need to get them replaced as quickly as possible.

Why Are They So Important?

Your air conditioner contains components that need electricity to function, such as the fan motors which power the fans that blow cool air into your home (or hot air from the system out), or the compressor which shifts the refrigerant from gaseous to liquid form. (the system will subsequently shift the refrigerant back to gaseous form, which cools the air around it and hence performs the systems primary function). A loss of electricity in those parts could make the system run much less efficiently: leading to slow air flow, reduced cooling levels, and problems like short-cycling, which is when the system turns on, then off rapidly before it’s had a chance to cool the home. In the worst cases, the system simply won’t turn on, and will refuse to run unless the capacitor is fixed. Capacitors come in two types: start capacitors which power the system up and run capacitors which keep it running until you turn it off. Either one could cause serious disruptions when they break.

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