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Serving the Northern Ohio Region


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Westland HVAC & Plumbing’s Very Own Dan Bigley Achieves 25 Years of Service with Westland!

Westlake, OH. – August 2nd , 2021 – This month, Westland wants to give a very big congratulations to Dan Bigley as he reaches his 25-year work anniversary! Dan has been with Westland since 1996, applying due to knowing Zack and knowing that his dad was looking for help; not thinking that he would make a career out of it! Dan first started working on residential replacements, new home system installations, and duct cleaning – becoming a lead installer after a few short years. Once Westland started doing more new commercial construction, Dan moved into that department and ran those projects for a few years. In 2007, he moved into the Project Manager role and has been running multiple new construction jobs a year since!

When asked what Dan’s favorite part of working at Westland was, he said that it has allowed him to learn multiple trades. “In HVAC you are installing ducting one day then working on electrical, plumbing, and carpentry projects the next day”. Although he says he doesn’t have a favorite job he’s worked on, Dan likes that he can be almost anywhere in Northeast Ohio and point out a house or building and tell his kids that he helped build that. Spoken like a true tradesman!

So, what has contributed to Dan’s success in the past 25 years? Originally, he wanted to say a strong work ethic; but then he followed up with his stubbornness, willingness to adapt his role, and growth professionally as Westland continued to expand as being a big factor. Dan has learned to own his work and be proud of getting it done properly. The only thing he wishes he knew before he started working here was how strenuous the job is, stating “I wish I would have known how hard the trades are on your body. Maybe I would have worked a little smarter instead of harder when I was younger”. A little Dan Bigley wisdom for our installers and techs!

As much as Westland would like to keep Dan forever, in the next 25 years he hopes to achieve one thing: retirement. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we will continue to celebrate his first 25 years and all his hard work. Congratulations, Dan!

About Westland Heating/Air Conditioning + Plumbing
Westland HVAC + Plumbing was founded in 1984 and is based out of Westlake, Ohio. Westland has over 300 years of combined experience across its technicians and has been providing world-class service for more than 30 years to many families across Northeast Ohio.

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