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3 Reasons to Install a Garage Heater

Here in Westlake, OH, winter has arrived in force, bringing with it the usual cocktail of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. Our heating systems are seeing more use than ever, but with good maintenance and careful use, you should be able to enjoy their benefits all winter long. Having said that, you may wish to consider adding a heater to the one place in your home that you would not normally think requires it: your garage.

Garage heaters are smaller and can be installed by a trained professional. What kind of benefits do they bring? Here are 3 of them for you to consider.

ONE: Safety

The biggest concern people have about installing garage heaters is safety: the confined space of a garage mean that toxic gases and the like can potentially build up inside the space. But garage heaters have developed safety features, shut-off switches and similar benefits that make them perfectly safe for use.

TWO: Temperatures Can Be Managed Accurately

With new garage heaters, you can adjust the temperature to suit your specific needs, and even arrange for them to turn on and off at set times, just like any other heater. So if your garage isn’t going to be used for most of the winter, you can set it at a minimum temperature to avoid freezing. Or if you’re going to make regular use of it, you can set the temperature to more closely reflect that of the home.

THREE: Avoiding Freezing Damage

The best reason to install a garage heater is still the best: freezing temperatures can cause all kinds of damage to important appliances and components in your garage, including your car. A garage heater means that you won’t have to deal with a dead battery first thing in the morning, as well as preventing all kinds of other damage from the cold.

Talk to Westland Heating and Air Conditioning today about installing or repairs a garage heater.

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