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3 Signs Your Furnace Is About to Go

Heater repairs are inevitable, especially in a climate that gets cold like ours. While our southern neighbors might be able to boil some water and bundle up with blankets, having a heater that’s not working in our area isn’t an option. So we’re writing today in hopes that we keep some of our customers in the area vigilant to the problems that can come with a furnace and how the average homeowner can notice those problems.

Not every furnace issue is going to put your home at risk, but some of them will and the difference can mean the world. Gas furnace repair in North Olmstead, OH isn’t just necessary because of how cold it can be, but it’s also necessary because a poorly running furnace can be a safety hazard when it has been neglected.

Let’s take a look at your furnace and see if there’s anything that requires professional attention.

Signals for Professional Attention

Needing an HVAC technician to look at your furnace doesn’t have to be predicated by smoke and an explosion in the basement. Sometimes a problem can be as simple as cold air that’s blowing out of the vents or heating bills that are skyrocketing—these are great reasons to contact a reliable HVAC team.


Like we just mentioned, furnaces are supposed to heat your home to the desired temperature set on the thermostat, for an affordable amount of fuel. If your system is gobbling up tons of fuel or putting out a mediocre amount of heat no matter how high you set the thermostat, then you’ve got a serious problem with your furnace that needs addressing as soon as possible.

High Heating Bills

Similarly to the last point, if you’re noticing that you get the appropriate amount of heat you need but your heating bills are quickly becoming unaffordable, then there’s a serious problem in your furnace. This can be hard to notice, unless you compare heating bills to previous years or compare them to the bills of your neighbors. Similar areas and heaters should heat homes at relatively similar costs. If you notice that your heating bills are much higher, then you’re dealing with a problem that could signal a heating replacement in the future.


Have you noticed any strange rotten egg or sulfur smells recently? Have you or any of your family members suffered headaches, memory loss, or general fatigue?

These are not signs that should be ignored, nor are they normal. Either one of two things is happening: a chronic illness has developed, or you’re dealing with a gas or carbon monoxide leak coming from the heater. In the case of the former, contact your doctor. With the latter, regardless of whether this feels serious or not, the slightest propensity towards believing that there is a gas leak warrants investigating. No, this shouldn’t be done by you or your family. Turn off the furnace and contact a reliable HVAC technician today.

We can be that reliable HVAC technician to keep your family safe and happy with a functioning heater. Call Westland Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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