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Serving the Northern Ohio Region


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The Right Pick: Choosing a Gas or Electric Furnace

Furnaces are the most common type of heater in the United States—that’s a fact. But. which kind of furnace is more common or well-suited for your home? Well, that’s a little bit more complicated of a question. Furnaces can either be powered by electricity or natural gas, and the decision you make is going to, hopefully, impact your home for the next 10–15 years. So, wouldn’t you want to make the right decision?

If you’re unprepared for the needs of your particular type of furnace, you could be seeing some expensive furnace repair in Avon, OH. One type of furnace might not be the type that fits your home, so it’s fairly important that you’ve got at least a little background on the different types of furnaces and which one fits your living situation.

Forced-Air Heating

While gas and electric furnaces have a variety of differences, they’re both forced-air heaters. This means that they use the air vents of your home to push heated air into every room and keep them at the temperature set on your thermostat. Unlike a boiler and other radiant heat systems, furnaces use air as the direct method of heating.

The Differences

Where gas and electric furnaces differ is their affordability, efficiency, and factors that contribute to the specific climate of where your home is. Let us explain.

Gas Furnace

These are easily some of the most affordable, efficient, and powerful heaters available today. They’re hooked up directly to a natural gas line, so you never have to worry about fuel deliveries. Most models run incredibly efficiently with upwards of a 90% AFUE rating, which is almost a 1:1 fuel to heat ratio. They’re safe, and honestly some of the most affordable types of heaters on the market.

If you’ve got the option to have a natural gas pipeline installed for your furnace, we highly recommend it. While natural gas piping might be a more expensive initial investment than an electric heater set up, it can also be used to power other things like an oven, water heater, and clothes dryer! Natural gas is affordable and clean-burning, which is why so many homeowners use it as a fuel source.

Electric Furnace

Not every home has access to natural gas. That means you’ll need a different option other than that of a gas furnace. Luckily, electric furnaces are widely available for homes that don’t have the access to natural gas piping, or that don’t want that piping installed. For mild winters, electric furnaces work incredibly efficiently, and they consume electricity, which means your house already has the capability to run them.

However, we highly advise against getting an electric furnace if you deal with extreme winter conditions. Here in Ohio, it can get pretty cold—and the colder it gets, the more energy your electric furnace needs to consume to heat your home. The inefficiency of the system in the extreme cold will end up costing you a lot of money in the long run.

Don’t forget to get your furnace expertly installed by the best team out there. Call Westland Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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