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Serving the Northern Ohio Region


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Westlake Furnace Tip: 3 Sounds You Need To Listen For

Our homes in Westlake make weird noises from time to time. This is to be expected. But the furnace in your home might be a different story. If you start to hear certain noises it might be a good idea to call for furnace repair services. At Westland Heating and Air Conditioning, we’ve responded to countless calls for furnace repair service in Westlake. So that our customers can have a better understanding of their furnace, we put together a few of the most common furnace sounds that should cause trouble.


If your furnace makes a squealing sound when you start it up, you should probably call for service. This isn’t a life-threatening problem, but it can be annoying. This happens when the blower’s belt or bearings have worn out. This can be easily fixed by a professional Westlake heating technician.


If you hear a rattling sound when you turn on your furnace this a very serious problem. While it might be that some screws are loose on one of the covers, it can also indicate a problem with your heat exchanger. The heat exchanger in your furnace has two jobs: first, to heat the air going into your home and second, to exhaust the harmful combustion fumes out of your house. When the heat exchanger cracks, those dangerous combustion fumes, that can include carbon monoxide, are blown into your home. Call your local heating contractor immediately.


If you have a fuel oil furnace and you hear or feel a rumbling when you start it up, this could be another critical problem. The cause of this is unburned oil in the combustion chamber continuing to burn after the unit is turned off. This could also leak carbon monoxide into your Westlake  house.


If your furnace erupts with a loud roaring sound, like when you fire up a welding torch, this is a very bad sign. It means that there is an uneven mixture of fuel and air.

If the furnace in your Westlake home is making any strange noises, contact the experts at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning. We have years of experience working with all types and brands of furnaces. We would love to help keep your home safe and give you peace of mind. Call us today!

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