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Serving the Northern Ohio Region


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How Do UV Germicidal Lights Help My Home?

It sounds irrational at first. “UV lights? The kind they use at rock concerts to make people’s t-shirts glow in the dark? How can that possibly help my home?” The truth is, UV germicidal lights make an invaluable addition to your home HVAC system, and with summer weather in Westlake, OH full of humidity (along with attendant germs and bacteria), they might just be the best investment in your home you’ll make. So how do germicidal lights help you? Here’s a quick breakdown:

How UV Lights Work

UV stands for “ultraviolet,” a spectrum of light that humans can’t see. (Laundry detergent contains phosphors, which is why your t-shirts and white socks glow under UV light.) It’s perfectly safe for humans and pets, but it spells doom for all those creepy-crawlies you don’t want in your home. Specifically, it affects the DNA of germs, bacteria, dust mite eggs, and similar undesirables, rendering them unable to replicate and quickly killing them off. Unlike filters, there’s nowhere to hide from UV lights, and if correctly installed in your air conditioning system, it provides comprehensive coverage for all the air circulating through it.

How That Benefits You

Killing all those germs and bacteria means a lot fewer instances of illness in your home. This is a good thing in general, but especially with newborn children, the elderly, or people suffering from asthma and similar conditions. Moreover, your air will feel fresher and cleaner, improving your overall quality of life and making your home a more pleasant place to be. Finally, cleaner air helps keep your air conditioner free of detritus and build-up, helping it to perform more efficiently.

If you think UV germicidal lights are for you, then the experts at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning are here to help. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do!

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