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Serving the Northern Ohio Region


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Westlake OH Heating and AC Question: Why Do I Need a Pool Dehumidification System?

Too much humidity can be a big concern for Westlake pool owners.  Humidity can cause damage to many structural areas, which can be costly to fix.  In order to avoid this type of problem, it’s a good idea to install a pool dehumidification system.  The dehumidification system alleviates any humidity problems, ensuring the structural aspects of the building remain intact and its integrity isn’t compromised.

 Pool dehumidifiers house big metal plates which are cooled off with refrigerant gases by a gas compressor.  The metal plates prompt the moisture in the air to condense on them, and as the moisture slides off the plates it is gathered in a tray and pumped out.  All pool dehumidifiers have a humidistat which can be set to regulate the humidity to the appropriate level for any given pool area.

These systems can also help pool owners by heating the air around the pool.  This is done in one of two ways. Either an electric heater is built into the humidification system or one can be attached to the regular heating system for the building.  This helps to save electricity by using already warmed air.

Pool dehumidification systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate all types of pools.  Installation by a trained Westlake HVAC professional is necessary to make sure the system is being installed properly and that it is in a position to provide the greatest benefit.  They can be installed in a variety of places such as the rooftop or inside the pool area, depending on your individual situation.

In order to make sure you get the right type of system for your pool, it’s a good idea to speak with the experienced professionals at Westland Heating and Air Conditioning. And after installation, it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance for your pool dehumidifier to ensure it continues to run smoothly.

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