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Serving the Northern Ohio Region


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Signs of Trouble with Your Pool Heater

A pool is an outstanding way to keep cool during our hot Westlake, OH summers, as well as being a marvelous place for families to bond and have a little fun in the sun. Most pools rely on pool heaters to keep the water at an even temperatures, and they can be great for early morning dips when the heat may not have quite reached the boiling point yet. But like any other appliance, your pool heater can run into trouble from time to time, and while we recommend annual maintenance to keep such troubles to a minimum, you never know when trouble is going to strike. The sooner you spot the signs of a problem with your swimming pool heater, the more swiftly you can respond and the lower the cost will be. Here’s a few signposts to alert you to any potential problem with your system:

A Dirty Filter

You should check and clean the filter in your system on a regular basis: once a month would be ideal, especially in the summer when you’re using your pool regularly. The heater requires the proper water pressure to work—usually about 16 pound per square inch—and a clogged filter can disrupt that.

Blockage in the Gas Line

Most pool heaters rely on traditional fuel sources to function, and if a clog or a leak develops in the fuel line, it may interfere with the heater’s ability to work. Fuel can be dangerous, so always trust a professional to do the job.


The metal components of the pool heater should be protected from corrosion and rust. But those protections will wear out eventually, and our Ohio winters don’t help. If your pool heater is more than ten years old or so, corrosion and rust may become a problem.

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