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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Westlake, OH

The air inside your home can get stuffy and uncomfortable during the coldest months of the winter. It can get to the point where your home’s indoor air feels similar to that of a submarine or an airplane, to the point where you’d give anything to open a window for fresh air. The problem is that your precious heat would escape out the window and you wouldn’t get much fresh air in the process.

The team at Westland Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing specializes in heat and energy recovery ventilators in Westlake, OH precisely for homes like yours. These systems are uniquely designed to take the air from outside, combine it with the heat and energy of your HVAC system, and pull it indoors so you can truly feel the influx of fresh air. We’ve been providing services like these for decades and we’re always here to help with 24/7 emergency services.

Westland Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing has been proudly serving the Northern Ohio Region for over 30 years. Call us today!

HRV and ERV Installation

It’s pretty clear when a home needs an HRV and ERV installation. Take a look below if you’ve been dealing with the same problems that homeowners across Westlake, OH have, and dive into HRV or ERV technology today.

  • My air feels stuffy.
  • Opening a window makes my home too uncomfortable.
  • My bills get too high whenever we want fresh air.

You don’t have to choose between warmth and freshness when it comes to your indoor air, you can have both. In the case of an HRV system, you can transfer the heat from your heater or the cold temperatures from your air conditioner to the incoming outdoor air. Through a process called "counterflow heat exchange," your indoor air becomes fresh and comfortable. An ERV system works the same way, just with the ability to transfer humidity as well.

HRV and ERV Replacement

Heat recovery and energy recovery ventilators go through a lot of work to keep your home comfortable year after year. Because they work in all seasons, they aren’t really meant to last beyond a decade of service. Once your air is starting to feel stuffy again, or your bills start to skyrocket, it could be time for HRV and ERV replacement services.

Our team specializes in this type of equipment. Not many companies know how to deal with the intricacies of a heat recovery ventilator, so you’re always better off calling our Westlake, OH experts. We can remove your old system and install a new, high-efficiency one in its place pronto.

HRV and ERV Repair

If your heat or energy recovery ventilator is running into problems, replacement might not be the most cost-effective solution. Our team provides fast, targeted HRV and ERV repair that’s meant to diagnose the root of your problem and fix it quickly. And for the proactive homeowners out there, we also provide HRV/ERV maintenance so your system can get a tune-up when the rest of your HVAC equipment is maintained.

Do you notice any dips in home air quality? Is your indoor air starting to feel stuffy again after years of feeling fresh and clean? Then your HRV or ERV could be dealing with a problem that needs fixing. Call us today, we’ve got your back.

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